• The first page of the Retro Board application on an Apple TV showing a selection screen with two options: 'DEPARTURES' with an upward arrow icon on a yellow background to the left, and 'ARRIVALS' with a downward arrow icon on a dark background to the right. Below the screen is an Apple TV device and remote.
  • The Hardware

    Retro Board is designed for Apple TV 4K which is an inexpensive, widely available and proven piece of hardware.

    • tv


      Its small and compact size allows it be easily hidden behind any mounted display.

    • update


      Makes sure you’re always running the latest version of the software.

    • settings_input_hdmi


      Can be connected to virtually any display or central equipment with an HDMI input.

    • 4k


      Crisp images and smooth animations at 60fps over a 4K resolution.