• Modern Yet Nostalgic

    Remember the good old mechanical split-flap a.k.a. Solari boards? We’ve upgraded them for this century! We call it the Retro Board.

    • flight


      Flight Information Display System for most major airports around the world.

    • train


      Passenger Information Display System for trains, trams, buses, metros and ferries.

    • arrow_upwardarrow_downward

      Both Directions

      Can display either departures or arrivals for a given airport or station.

    • language


      Can display the board in up to two languages simultaneously.

    * Subject to availability based on region and country. Please contact us for more information.

  • The first page of the Retro Board application on an Apple TV showing a selection screen with two options: 'DEPARTURES' with an upward arrow icon on a yellow background to the left, and 'ARRIVALS' with a downward arrow icon on a dark background to the right. Below the screen is an Apple TV device and remote.
  • The Hardware

    Retro Board is designed for Apple TV 4K which is an inexpensive, widely available and proven piece of hardware.

    • tv


      Its small and compact size allows it be easily hidden behind any mounted display.

    • update


      Makes sure you’re always running the latest version of the software.

    • settings_input_hdmi


      Can be connected to virtually any display or central equipment with an HDMI input.

    • 4k


      Crisp images and smooth animations at 60fps over a 4K resolution.

The Uniform Look

A unified look across different boards makes it easy to install multiple boards side by side!

  • Multiple Boards

    Display both arrivals and departures or flights and trains on two boards next to each other.

  • Multiple Pages

    Install multiple displays each displaying a single page of the same board.

  • Orientation

    The boards can be installed horizontally as well as vertically.

  • Branding

    Would you like to brand the boards with your logo? Contact us!

  • The Tablet Version

    Sometimes mounting a large display is not an option. That is why we also offer an iPad version!

    • Internal Use

      The staff can use the board to pre-plan in case of mass-cancellations or delays at the local airport.

    • External Use

      Don’t have enough space for a large display? Why not put a tablet on the reception desk for the guests to see!

  • Get In Touch

    Retro Board is free to try but a commercial license is required for continuous operation.

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